19 MayHostile men should watch their hearts

I had something of a hot temper when I was growing up, which has always caused my brother to predict that I would someday drop dead of a heart attack. Well, I am happy to tell him that he is wrong. However, he’d do well to keep his own hostilities in check.

According to the study (which found that men who are more cynical, impatient, and suspicious of people than men with more optimism are more likely to suffer from heart disease), heart disease does not necessarily mean anger. One reason men with such personalities may be at higher risk may be because they tend not to follow their doctors’ advice (or even consult physicians).

Fortunately for women, hostility doesn’t seem to have negative effects on our hearts. Not that I’m advocating hostility for either gender. But it is still nice to know.

13 JanAtherosclerosis Causes Heart Disease and Stroke

Atherosclerosis is a leading cause of coronary artery disease and stroke, which are responsible for more than 25% of all deaths in the United States. Each year about 1.2 million Americans are diagnosed with coronary artery disease and about 700,000 people will suffer a stroke. An additional 8 million Americans are affected by peripheral arterial disease. For many, atherosclerosis is a silent disease, with no visible signs or symptoms until it suddenly leads to a heart attack or stroke.

What is Atherosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis is a disease characterized by progressive buildup of plaque in the arteries, the blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body. These arteries deliver oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in our body. When arteries are narrowed by plaque, the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart and other parts of the body is reduced.

One surprising fact about atherosclerosis is the early age at which the disease can begin. For many, the process may start in early adulthood. As we get older, plaque can build up unnoticed and can eventually clog our arteries. Clogged arteries cut off the flow of blood to the heart and the brain, and can lead to heart attack, stroke, and even death.

Atherosclerosis can affect any artery in the body. As a result, different diseases may develop depending on which arteries are affected.

Coronary artery disease or heart disease: When plaque builds up in the coronary arteries, the blood flow to your heart is reduced or blocked, which can lead to chest pain and heart attack.

Carotid artery disease: When plaque builds up in the carotid arteries, the blood flow to your brain is reduced or blocked, which can lead to stroke.

Peripheral arterial disease: When plaque builds up in the major arteries that supply oxygen-rich blood to the legs, arms, and pelvis, it can lead to numbness, pain, and sometimes dangerous infections.

Inflammation Is a Key Player in Every Stage of Atherosclerosis

Inflammation plays a key role in every stage of atherosclerosis. At an early stage, atherosclerotic plaque can build up quickly in inflamed arteries. If inflammatory conditions persist, the plaque can expand rapidly causing blood vessels to narrow. In advanced stages, inflammation leads to development of “soft” plaque, also known as vulnerable plaque, which is filled with inflammatory cells and their metabolites and debris.

Inflamed plaques often develop weak areas that can rupture suddenly. When the plaque ruptures, blood comes into contact with the plaque contents, which sets off clot formation and artery occlusion, causing sudden major problems such as heart attack or stroke.

Reducing Inflammation May Slow Down Atherosclerosis

The patients with atherosclerosis are treated for their associated risk factors, which include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, obesity, and physical inactivity. In addition, anti-platelet drugs are used to prevent the formation of blood clots. Although it is widely accepted that chronic inflammation contributes to plaque rupture and heart attack, and control of inflammation may yield a more ‘stable’ plaque that less likely to rupture, there is no data to prove that reducing inflammation could prevent cardiovascular disease.

Recent results from large clinical trials shed a new light on the inflammation concept. The study of 17,802 apparently healthy men and women for two years provided evidence for the first time that reducing inflammation may prevent future cardiovascular disease. Another study of 250,000 heart attack patients revealed that nearly half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels, a strong indicator that a factor like inflammation is involved. The results suggest that about 20% of the total heart attacks suffered per year in the U.S. may be prevented by controlling inflammation.

Natural Remedies for Inflammation Relief

Many botanical medicinal herbs have anti-inflammatory properties. Remedies made of anti-inflammatory herbs may fight chronic inflammation safely. FlameEz-Vascular and FlameEz-BP are patent pending natural remedies formulated to relieve systemic inflammation for cardiovascular health. By using scientifically validated ingredients, FlameEz remedies are optimized to deliver high performance safely.

22 JanHistory of Isometrics

Isometrics, also called static strength training, has been used for many centuries as part of a strengthening regimen. The idea of gaining strength through tension has been incorporated into yoga and ancient Chinese martial arts. Modern day static training is referred to as Isometrics. Credit is given to a Russian strongman named Alexander Zass, who has been generally accepted to be the Father of Isometrics. He credits his strength and muscle development to isometric exercises. Through this method of development he was able to break chains and demonstrate other astounding feats of strength.

In the mid-1950’s German researchers Hettinger and Muller released a study that showed with minimal tension exercises, incredible muscle mass and strength could be achieved. The isometric method became very popular in the US. Particular notoriety for this method belongs to Angelo Sicilian, better known as Charlie Atlas, who coupled his successful bodybuilding using isometric exercise with a promoter to pitch the idea in comic books and magazines. This was the famous ‘sand in your face’ ad that said through his technique, which could be had by mail-in orders, a 97-pound weakling could be transformed into a muscleman. Atlas’s company that offered this technique was called Dynamic Tension. His method and company proved highly successful in promoting isometric tension exercising. Dynamic Tension is still thriving today.

Isometrics had a period where they became associated unjustly with gym bodybuilders who were trying to hide the fact they were using steroids to enhance their muscle mass. They contributed it to isometrics and the public shied away from it when it was discovered. NASA has investigated isometrics as a way to prevent bone and muscle loss in space travel. They released reports that showed isometric to be better in certain circumstance than isotonic exercises. Isometrics, because of their ease of doing without a formal facility and the length of time need to complete the exercises, continues to be a popular method today.

05 JanAnother Pumpkin Recipe? But It’s Just So Delicious…

I know I recently posted a healthy pumpkin recipe, but New Year is on and I wanted to practice out a new pumpkin pie recipe so that I wouldn’t mess it up in front of my family. They are very patient with me though, and have learned from experience that practice makes perfect with me (my sister can verify that I once put a cup of baking soda instead of a teaspoon into cookie dough).

This recipe however, is unbelievably simple if you don’t make your own piecrust. I didn’t because I’m kinda lazy and had one in the freezer, but its probably healthier if you do, and there are a lot of healthy, parve piecrust recipes out there. The one I used was made of enriched flour, vegetable oil, and some other junk. Not really so healthy as sucralose and aspartame– but sometimes you gotta compromise.

The filling could very easily be disguised as healthy though- aside from the sugar, which I tried to use sparingly. Pumpkins, as I said before, are a rich source of beta-carotene, vitamin A, potassium and fiber. In light of all this, what could be so bad about pumpkin pie? This recipe, which I adapted from here, also calls for rice milk, a light healthy, organic and parve alternative to anything you usually find in pumpkin pie.

15-ounce can of pumpkin
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
3 slightly beaten eggs
2/3 cup rice milk

1. Brown the pie crust in the oven at 350 degrees for 10-20 minutes and let cool before filling.
2. Combine pumpkin, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. Add the eggs and beat into batter (fyi- check the eggs in a separate container for blood spots. If you find a blood spot you need to discard the entire egg because blood is not kosher). Add the rice milk.
3. Pour filling into piecrust.
4. Bake for 40 minutes at 375 degrees.
5. Let cool and enjoy!!

15 NovHeart Attack Symptoms In Women: What To Look For

Many people don’t realize that the symptoms of heart attacks are drastically different in women and men. For many years, there were not exclusive studies completed on heart attacks in women and because of that many women did not know what to look for. That resulted in many more deaths that could have been prevented with early detection. When a person is suffering from a heart attack, the most important thing you can do is get to a hospital as soon as possible. Time lost will often mean that the heart attack will worsen and become more lethal. If you believe you are having a heart attack or in this condition exactly, it is important that you call 9-1-1 immediately so that you can get medical help. The following are heart attack symptoms in women that should signal danger for any woman experiencing one or all of them.

The first and most logical symptom is chest pain or tightness and discomfort. This will often include the shortness of breath and excruciating. The pressure might not be extremely painful constantly. Instead it might wane for a while, but then come roaring back. It has also been described as a tight ball in the middle of the chest area. This ball might release and tighten again throughout the day. Although the discomfort might come and go, you should know that just because the discomfort wanes doesn’t mean the danger is gone. It could return and become even worse the second time around.

As far as heart attack symptoms in women go, the most terrible might be the upper body pain women will feel. They will heel a tightness almost like sore muscles in the shoulders, arms, neck and jaw. The pain will range from severe to mild, but these are signs that your heart is fighting to continue to beat. Another important symptom is stomach pain or discomfort. Some women even report feeling like they have terrible heartburn. They might also have severe abdominal cramping.

Heart attack symptoms in women that are similar to the symptoms men experience are shortness of breath, anxiety, lightheadedness and sweating. It is important that you get looked at very quickly if you are experiencing any combination of these symptoms because it could mean that you are having a heart attack. The best place to be when this is happening is at the hospital where you know you can be taken care of.

Heart disease and heart attacks are the leading killer of women because many women don’t know the symptoms. Work to make sure the women in your life are aware of the warning signs for a heart attack. When you get the word out, you could be saving someone’s life eventually. Know the warning signs and visit your doctor frequently for check-ups to be sure that you are healthy.

30 SepLosing Weight Tips – Rare And Effective Weight Lose Tips And Advice

Talking about losing weight tips, we all know most especially those who have made the internet their friends in this regard that there are numerous of tips out there that will take you through a well-researched process to help you lose weight but some people even in all the simplicity in some of these tips still find it difficult to lose weight and so they ask…Why can’t they?

Thousands of people keep asking this same question. So what can be done to help such people lose weight despite all the huddles that are right in front of them? I will tell you in the next few paragraphs of this article but you have to read on in order to get all the tips I have for you.

I know that the weight loss issue is one that has frustrated a lot of people most especially for those whose job; marriage and family depend on it. oh yeah, there are some people whose weight can make them lose their jobs. I have had so many people complain this same case to me, so if you are reading this article and you are not overweight and you are surprised, then I’m telling you now because it may be that serious for some people. So whether or not you really need this knowledge, you should go ahead and read the article to the end because someone you love might need the knowledge from you someday.

Tips To Help You Lose Weight Fast

When we talk about losing weight, there are two things involved. It is either you lose weight fast or slowly, but whichever one you choose is all left to you but I will advise that you choose to lose that weight faster than you initially planned. So let’s get to the meat of this article

Tip #1 – Get a Real Diet Going

For all those who are struggling with their weight, I mean you in particular; the first rule that governs the process of losing weight is having a real diet. as matter of fact if you do not take your diet seriously, no matter what you do regarding weight lose, you just might never come up with a tangible result to show for.

One very important thing you must know about getting a real diet is that all diet are not the same, so you must endeavor to get the right diet that is specific to your need. The reason why it must be this way is because all human physiology are not the same and therefore taken the same diet as your friend because he wants to lose weight might not work for you. You must examine your physiology then get help from a nutritionist to help you create a unique diet plan for losing weight. You see, this is one of the many things that many overweight people don’t get and that is the reason it’s seem impossible for them to lose weight. If you are really interested in losing weight, then this tip is a must to adhere to.

Tip #2 – Stay Focused

If you know what the word focus means then you will understand why it is part of losing weight tips. Staying focus in this context means clearing out all other distractions that are were not part of your initial weight loss plan. I understand that not so many people are disciplined enough to finish with a plan they started with and this has been one of the major problems for overweight people all around the world. It’s so funny how some of these guys act even when they are so serious with losing weight. You tend to find some of them waking up at the middle of the night only to nibble on some snacks they left off with the hours before bed time. Tell me how you would lose weight if you can’t cub your appetite? This is where staying focus comes into play. Keep reminding yourself of the result you want to achieve and strive to achieve it at every means possible.

Tip #3 – Minimize Alcohol Consumption

Ok, now not many people know how to stay one day without drinking alcohol, but if you are overweight and you still find yourself drinking so much of alcohol, then this is the right time to stop because not so many diet of weight loss plan would work for you if you continue drinking at the same level you use to. Alcohol is not entirely bad for the body, in fact some expert advice that you take alcohol but definitely not excess. The truth about alcohol that not so many people now about is that it contains high amounts of calories not only that, excess amount of it will add extra pounds to your weight and also make you sick, which of course is more detrimental to your health than it makes you happy.

These are just but a few among the numerous losing weight tips there are for you to know, but first start with this ones and then you will be able to understand other tips as they come. Take action now.

30 SepChipotle and Tomatillo Salsa


pound tomatillo, cut into strips
2 teaspoons chipotle chiles, finely chopped
cup onion, finely chopped
2 tablespoons cilantro, finely chopped
2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
teaspoon lemon zest
1 teaspoon fresh lime juice
teaspoon salt
teaspoon ground pepper


In a medium bowl, combine tomatillo, chiles, onion, cilantro, lemon juice, lemon zest, lime juice, salt, and pepper. Cover and refrigerate, at least 1 hour and better a day or two, to allow the flavors to mix.

30 Sep2nd European Strategic Energy Review

The European Union has published its 2nd Strategic Energy Review. The document includes information about the goals and direction the Commission expects to follow and some of the challenges ahead.

From the review – Europe has agreed a forward-looking political agenda to achieve its core energy objectives of sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply. This agenda means substantial change in Europe’s energy system over the next years, with public authorities, energy regulators, infrastructure operators, the energy industry and citizens all actively involved. It means choices and investments during a time of much change in global energy markets and international relations.